Planning Your Log Home

Log Homes are our specialty. We take the utmost pride in delivering the home of your dreams, whether it be your primary residence or a getaway cabin. We primarily serve the log home industry for all of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma, however, we've sent packages all over the country.

Colorado Log Homes

At Allpine Lumber, we don't create pre-fabricated log home packages because we believe that flexibility is a key component in making a customized dream home. Although we have some plans available to help you develop ideas for your log home, we allow you to choose the materials that you will use in it. Based on your design, we price the wood materials that are needed and produce them accordingly. We produce all the wood products you need and stock most other materials such as roof insulation, caulking and wood finishes. The majority of our customers have designed their own log homes and have been very pleased with the results. If you need guidance in finding a contractor to build, we have a list of some of the best contractors around.

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