Sikkens Wood Finishes

We are the largest dealer of Sikkens Wood Finishes in our area. We carry finishes for log home exteriors, decks & fences, and interior wood. Please contact us for prices.

Sikkens Wood Finishes
Sikkens - Cetol SRD Sikkens - Cetol Log Siding Sikkens - BL Interior Sikkens - UV Interior

Cetol® SRD

Sikkens - Cetol SRD
Sheen: Matte
Description: One coat, non-film forming, translucent wood finish.
Usage: Siding, Railings, Decks, Siding Shakes and Shingles, Fences, Boat Docks, Outdoor Furniture, Logs
Features: One Coat Application, Easy Maintenance, UV Protection, Water Repellent
Technology: Alkyd Oil
Other Uses: Exterior, Log Home

*Cetol SRD® is available where reduced emission products are required.

Cetol® Log & Siding

Sikkens - Cetol Log Siding
Type: Translucent
Sheen: Satin
Description: This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats.
Usage: Siding, Logs, Trim
Features: High Solids Alkyd, Translucent Iron Oxide Pigments and UV Absorbers, Excellent Microporosity and Flexibility
Technology: High Solids Alkyd
Other Uses: Exterior

Cetol® BL Interior Clear

Sikkens - Cetol BL Interior
Type: Clear
Sheen: Satin
Description: Waterborne transparent finish for interior woodwork.
Usage: Doors, Trim, Molding, Windows, Ceilings, Logs, Furniture, Sunrooms, Paneling
Features: Urethane Enhanced, Quick Drying, Waterborne, Non-Yellowing
Technology: Acrylic Urethane

Cetol® UV Interior

Sikkens - Cetol UV Interior
Type: Clear
Sheen: Matte
Description:Waterborne transparent finish for interior woodwork made for light-colored woods or when a matte finish is desired.
Usage:Ceiling, Logs, Dry Saunas, Paneling, Outdoor Rooms / Sun Rooms
Features:Non-Yellowing, Washable, Quick Drying